25 Zip it Part A

25 Zip it Part A

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25' Zip It Part A

Kids love racing through our Zip It Obstacle Course! 

And, parents get to make sure they're getting their daily exercise in so they can be as healthy as possible!

With dual lanes so they can race side by side, the young ones enter the course by entering through the bulls eye and zipping through the bumpers before climbing up the wall and hitting the finish line victorious.

And, at 25' feet of pure fun, the kids will be racing through the course and then racing right back to the start to go again!

Measuring at 25' L x 10' W x 15' H, this obstacle course is small enough for most front and backyards, and long enough to not just make an impression at larger events, but also keep the parents happy as everyone gets a turn. 

Rent this on it's own, or combine it with our "B" unit for to double the fun with a 50 foot obstacle course!

For an additional four hours, add 10% to the cost of the rental or an extra 50% for an extra day!