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From Catering to Party Rentals our services are available in Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County of California.
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Corporate Event Planning – Los Angeles

     Corporate events need to appeal to both the boss of the company and the employees, while being entertaining but still inoffensive. How does a company go about getting their corporate event planned? A corporate event company, one specializing in corporate entertainment and events management, would be able to help plan a corporate event within your company’s budget. Typical corporate events include company picnics, holiday parties, team activities, employee appreciation parties, and achievement celebrations, and The Fun Company will cater to your company’s needs in Los Angeles to create a memorable celebration.

     The Fun Company’s corporate event planning umbrella extends beyond games and amusements to food, entertainment, and equipment to create an all-around party experience, and we have been doing so in Los Angeles for the past fifteen years. With our wide selection of games, you should be able to find some activities for your corporate event. Some potential ideas for corporate event activities include many of our inflatable selections which, at first glance, may seem like kids games but some are designed for adults. Inflatables appropriate for corporate events would include our rock climbing wall and mountain, sumo wrestling inflatable suits, and inflatable gladiator games. And, if your company permits it, paintball and laser tag can be played with our inflatable arena and mazes, respectively. Other games include racing and sports games and quiz show set ups.

     Other amusement can come from live entertainment, and The Fun Company has a roster of various types of entertainment acts for your company party. Choose from live music created by rock and jazz bands and DJs or have an MC act as an entertaining announcer for your event. In addition, our magicians and hypnotists are another option for entertaining your coworkers with their tricks and illusions that always manage to capture the attention of an audience.

     Food is the next part of the equation when planning a corporate event. Any corporate event planner would suggest having a large amount of food that appeals to most of your company – plates, buffet-style, appetizers, and barbecue. The Fun Company caters a variety of food for everyone at your company to enjoy, including everything mentioned, as well as standard meals and cultural food plates. With a diverse selection of catered foods, the meals and finger food at your corporate event will appeal to all types of food lovers, from connoisseurs to those who will eat almost anything.

     Regardless of whether your company plans to hold the corporate event in your company office building in downtown Los Angeles or in a private park outside, The Fun Company will cater to your event planning needs and will customize our services according to your requests.

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