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Planning Your Summer Company Picnic

company picnicA wonderful company picnic is a great excuse for a team-building activity. Itís fun and itís a great way to get co-workers to get to know each other outside of the workplace in a relaxed environment. Everyone enjoys relaxed environments. And almost everyone enjoys picnics, especially if they are not involved in the planning.

If you are in the planning process, there are some steps you should know. However, proper planning makes everything easier.

  1. Pick your venue. If you want a specific location, book as soon as possible. It does not have to be a restaurant or banquet spot. After all, itís a picnic. This should be outdoors. Check with a local park or outdoor sports complex.
  2. Pick your date. See above.
  3. Want a theme? Choose a theme! Maybe narrow themes down to a select few and let employees vote. People love to vote when they donít having to worry about finding the correct polling location.
  4. Determine cost and budget. A great company does not need to blow all the company petty cash (assuming there is company petty cash).

Get with an entertainment company that is all about producing and directing corporate events such a company picnics. Find a company that can deliver all-in-one picnic stuff for your corporate picnic in Greater Los Angeles. Great food is part of it. So are great amusements like interactive inflatables, giant slides and carnival games.

For more information, contact The Fun Company: (888) 786-9329

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