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Cleaning Custom Inflatables

interactive inflatablesThe great thing about renting a custom inflatable for your home, promotional or business event is that you are not committing yourself to something you may not need all the time.

This is why checking out a great custom inflatable dealer in Southern California will really pay off.

We also recognize there may be times when you are using a rented custom inflatable and find yourself saying "Hey, this delightful tool for fun and promotion could use a bit of cleaning".

Hereís the good news: The chore of cleaning a custom inflatable is not a huge chore. Sure, it included a little elbow grease, but rarely is any actual heavy lifting involved.

Letís say you want to clean up an inflatable bounce house. The first thing you want to do is make sure you pick up any larger pieces of debris.

Then you can turn to a simple cleaning method. Try using a multipurpose cleaner that cleans and sanitizes at the same time. Try to wash from the back end to the entrance. Remember, that even if you are just renting an inflatable, cleaning the inflatable will reduce the risk of bacteria forming and will allow for a more enjoyable custom inflatable experience for all involved.

For more information, contact The Fun Company: (888) 786-9329

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