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From Catering to Party Rentals our services are available in Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County of California.
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Back to School Events

Back to School EventsAlmost every kid and teenager dreads going back to school. The end of summer and the sound of that first period bell can be quite a downer but with the help of the experienced team at The FunCo you can make going back to school in the greater Los Angeles are a fun-filled event complete with inflatable obstacle courses, interactive games, live bands, DJ's and traditional BBQ catering.

As with any event involving kids you have to make it fun in order for them to come. School is no different. Sure they are required to be there but with a well-planned dance, carnival or outdoor festival waiting for them you can quickly turn a foul mood into a eager excitement that will have them counting down the seconds until school starts. At The FunCo we specialize in planning and executing amazing back to school events in Orange County that feature inflatable games, live bands, fire eaters, stilt walkers and DJ's to pump energy into your school event.

One-Stop Entertainment Shop

Whether it's a homecoming football game, school dance, pep rally or fundraiser, The FunCo is your one-stop entertainment shop for high quality amusements, games and music that will have kids and teenagers treating their first day of school like an open audition for Glee. Our trained team of entertainment experts have years of experience handling pouty children and brooding teens so don't think your gang of malcontents are beyond our capabilities. Getting people excited is what we do best and not even the ominous first day of school is too big a challenge.

When you turn your event planning over to The FunCo you light the fuse that sparks imagination, creativity and excitement. No matter what back to school event you are planning in Los Angeles, from dances and fairs to outdoor music festivals and carnivals, our team of seasoned pros will handle every detail from amusements and games to catering and contests so everyone will have a good time and look forward to the school year. After all, with a bang like this welcoming them back they can only imagine what else is in store.

For more information, contact The Fun Company: (888) 786-9329

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