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Harvest Festival – San Bernardino

     Fruit seems to be ingrained in the culture of this part of southern California, with wine, apples, and orange grove. Next to San Bernardino, Riverside County has been known for its naval and Valencia orange groves and, appropriately, each year, the area has many harvest festivals, some of which spill over into San Bernardino County. The month of May is when most of these festivals occur, while other fruit harvest festivals are located later in the year.

     Orange harvest festivals have been prominent in the area since the 1880s from the first Citrus Fair and currently are all about citrus agriculture and citrus-flavored food based on the oranges harvested. The Annual Orange Blossom Festival in Riverside, for example, focuses on foods with citrus flavors, from fresh orange juice to orange ice cream, orange kettle corn, and chicken and eggrolls with orange sauces. The rest of the festival, as you probably know, is a typical fair with music and amusements.

     In San Bernardino, the more prominent harvest festival is the National Orange Show which, although it now mostly focuses on the agriculture of the orange groves in San Bernardino, began as the result of the citrus industry in the San Bernardino Valley. The festival itself is long and, in order for it to run smoothly with food, agricultural attractions, amusements and games, and staff, an event management company guides the event to a success.

     If you yourself are planning a smaller-scale orange harvest festival, with citrus-flavored foods, amusements, games, and equipment, The Fun Company would be able to aid you with your event, from providing amusements and games as activities during the festival to equipment to celebrate the yearly harvest of one of the area’s most popular crops.

     But, if you think an orange harvest isn’t an occasion for a festival, southern California also has prominent apple, cherry, and wine industries. Other popular harvest festivals in San Bernardino County for these food crops include the Grape Harvest Festival in Rancho Cucamonga, the Apple Blossom Festival, the Oak Glen Apple Harvest, and the Cherry Festival. So, if you prefer to bake apple and cherry pies or sample various wine offerings instead, we can customize the activities, entertainment, and games for your own San Bernardino harvest festival.


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