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Youth Group Games Ė San Bernardino

     How often does your youth group in San Bernardino go on a trip or a retreat or hold a fundraising event for the youth ministry? If the members of the youth group are yearning to do something new instead of the same retreats to a campsite or door-to-door fundraising drives, then perhaps your youth group needs to take a new approach to creating an organized event. If youíre not raising enough money by making your church or synagogue visible in the community, then maybe a fun fundraising event full of games, activities, and food is necessary.

     A fundraising event can be a night of fun for the members of your youth group and their families. Attracting people to the fundraising event is the final step, and planning is first. What kind of games does your youth group like to play? Or, perhaps, involve everyone in planning the event, from their favorite games to what food they would like to have served. Once everything is planned, you can get the word out to the San Bernardino community to come to your youth group-created event and support your church.

     When picking games for your youth groupís event, many of our games include sports and racing games, as well as carnival games for the members of your community to win small prizes while giving to your church. We also have quiz show-type interactive games that require more than two players. Inflatables are also popular amusements for all occasions and are more interactive. Our inflatables stock ranges from large slides and jumpers, or bouncers, to mazes and obstacle courses. For teen members of your youth group, inflatable games like gladiators and sumo suits may prove to be a hit that are fun and also clean. Once everyone is tired out from playing games during the afternoon, one of our inflatable movie screens can provide outdoor or indoor large-screen entertainment with a projector.

     A youth ministry canít have a meeting or fundraising event without food, and The Fun Company is fully equipped to cater food for your event. Although we can cook food from high-end, sophisticated meals to barbecue, we can customize your meal, snacks, and drinks to your youth groupís needs, be it chicken fingers, hot dogs, and fries or pasta and salad.

     Regardless of where you are in the San Bernardino area and regardless of whether your youth group is for a Catholic, Christian, Jewish, or another faithís place of worship, our company will cater to your youth group event with games, food, and entertainment.

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