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Church Carnival – San Bernardino

     A church carnival is like any other carnival, except it often has a religious theme. Many rides and games will be similar in operation to those at a standard carnival, except, for a church, the activities will have a religious theme. Some examples are face painting with a theme for animals in Noah’s Ark, an Egyptian-themed Nile dunk tank, and other activities based on passages from the Bible. For your church or religious organization in San Bernardino, a church carnival can be a good idea to raise money. However, although your church may have some ideas for potential carnival games and rides, consulting an event planner opens a new dimension to possibilities for your church carnival. The Fun Company has a wide array of games, activities, inflatables, entertainers, and food options for you to choose from and fit your appropriate carnival theme.

     A carnival needs amusements and food, with some added entertainment from performers like character artists, musicians, and face painters, and we can provide all necessary aspects for your church carnival. For amusements, choose from a variety of indoor and outdoor games, amusements, and inflatables for all ages. Some of these include traditional carnival games, classic arcade games, and racing and sports games. Inflatables are more interactive amusements, which range from a typical large slide and bouncers for younger children to rock climbing and mazes for laser tag for teens and adults. If you hold your church carnival outside in the summer in San Bernardino, you can cool off with some of our inflatables, which have a water feature to cool off those using the activity.

     When planning part of a carnival geared toward small children, you can find several smaller size rides for kids, such as a small carousel and smaller inflatable slides and obstacle courses. So, if you’re worried about the youngest members of your congregation getting bored or, worse, getting hurt, they’ll be entertained on our small carousel and smaller inflatable slides and obstacle courses. In addition, we also offer a petting zoo with an array of farm animals and pony rides for families with younger children to enjoy.

     Live entertainment is another important part of a church carnival. The live entertainment our company can provide for your church carnival ranges from live music acts and DJs to magicians and character artists, all of which should be able to fit into your church carnival’s theme. Have live music as entertainment for teens and adults, including rock and jazz bands, and, for children, our clowns and face painters will be both fun and amusing entertainment.

     A church carnival can’t be complete without food, and our company caters a wide range of foods for you to choose from. For a church carnival, barbecue and appetizers would suit most tastes best but, in traditional carnival style, we carry cotton candy and popcorn machines for typical carnival snacks.

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