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Harvest Festival – Orange County

     Wine is a very important food in this part of California, and Orange County itself has several wine festivals during the year that usually occur after a grape harvest. As you might know already, many wine harvest festivals in Orange County include the Orange County Wine Festival, the South Coast Plaza Food and Wine Festival, and The Annual Food and Wine Fest at Newport Beach. Even grape orchards in Orange County, such as Hamilton Oaks Vineyard, hold their own grape harvest festivals during the year.

     But how do you go about celebrating a harvest festival, be it your own or one you’re organizing for a large group of people to taste wine flavors after an annual grape harvest? The festival may be all about the wine, but you need food to go with that, as well. In addition, decorations and activities may elevate the wine festival above a small wine-and-cheese event. Since mostly adults will be present for the festival, you can plan on food and activities accordingly to the people present and wine being served.

     In the case of a wine harvest festival, you’ll want upscale, high-quality dining to match the quality of the red and white California wines you’ll be tasting at the festival. To match the quality of the wines, our food catering services include food platters and upscale dinners and appetizers. In addition, if you have an idea for the food you would like to accompany your wine, feel free to make a suggestion to our caterers.

     Wine may be a popular harvest crop in Orange County that warrants many festivals to celebrate its taste and goodness, but not all harvest festivals are about wine. Sometimes, Thanksgiving can be considered a harvest festival, as the traditional foods focus on many crops that are harvested in the fall months and, any food harvest festival could be an occasion to celebrate – be it apples or another food. For a Thanksgiving harvest festival, particularly if it is a school party before Thanksgiving break, our company is equipped to entertain school children with food and entertainment. The Fun Company has an array of rides and activities that you can choose for your event. Some of these include typical carnival rides, games, and inflatables, as well as children’s entertainment, like face painters, character artists, clowns, and magicians.

     Whether geared toward adults who prefer fine wines or those who prefer a simpler crop, a harvest festival is an occasion to celebrate and try new foods, and The Fun Company’s events and catering services will embellish your harvest festival with all additional activities and amenities.


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