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Graduation Parties – Orange County

     Orange County school grad nights are often known as lavish graduation parties held off the school campus with many interactive activities and food for students. Some last all night long and then offer students breakfast in the morning. According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, many popular graduation party activities in the OC include such activities as bungee jumping from a trampoline, hypnotists, laser tag, rock climbing walls, and prize raffles. But, whether your high school decides to hold a party in your high school gymnasium or at a hotel, The Fun Company has many activities, as well as food, to make your last night of high school a unique experience.

     Most characterize a graduation party as finger food meals and games, with possible dancing, until midnight. Also, as the last formal occasion an Orange County high school class will be together, students will be taking lots of pictures of each other as final memories. With The Fun Company catering your graduation party, we’ll put all of these aspects of grad night into one comprehensive party package for your school.

     Activities can keep students interested or bored. Our company carries games ranging from prize-winning carnival games to arcade games like Dance Dance Revolution that can easily be set up for students to play. In addition, if you plan to have some formal dancing at a graduation party, we can also provide an inflatable dance floor for the students. For more memorable photographs, our photo booths are another opportunity for students to have fun taking pictures – whether formal or fun photographs.

     For feeding your students, our company offers food ranging from high end platters to appetizers and finger food. Know what your students will want, and we’ll provide the food. In addition, our company has a roster of live entertainment performers, such as rock and jazz bands, and DJs and, for rental if you’re considering music for your high school graduation party, one of our acts would be able to provide background music and entertainment that would be agreeable to students, as well as parents and teachers in attendance.


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