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Company Picnic – Orange County

     Picnics are often mostly about the food, and the outdoor activities are secondary. However, both interesting food and activities can make or break a company picnic – and can leave an impression on your coworkers – and creating a memorable company picnic isn’t easy.

     For example, if company picnics always remind you of either a potluck with your coworkers or a barbecue, in which you’re always eating the same hamburgers and side salad at every company gathering, The Fun Company’s catering service for your picnic or outdoor event will provide a wide range of foods for all types of tastes; from traditional picnic barbecue to platters and cultural food, The Fun Company’s food catering service will have enough for your diverse body of company employees. In addition, we cater to both indoor and outdoor events and would be able to accommodate your company, rain or shine. In fact, if your company is planning a picnic in Orange County, we will gladly accommodate your event at any Orange County private park.

     The range of food we can create for your company picnic is vast and can suit a variety of tastes, from the food connoisseur to those looking for stick-to-your-ribs cooking. The types of food we carry include barbecue, traditional dinner plates, cultural meal plates, fine platters, appetizers, and drinks. Whether you suggest a menu or have our caterers plan a meal for you, there will be something for everyone at your company picnic.

     The food at a company picnic may cause many of your coworkers to sit around, eat, and chat, but part of planning a company picnic involves what games and activities will be appropriate, especially if you’re planning to spend a significant portion of the day outdoors. When it’s a warm and bright afternoon in Orange County, most people will be up for some sort of outdoor activity or active game. In addition to food, our company carries an array of indoor and outdoor games for adults, from classic arcade games, casino party games, and pool to outdoor sports games and inflatables, such as inflatable rock climbing walls. Any combination of these outdoor and indoor activities can be customized to fit your company picnic’s needs.

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