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School Carnival – Los Angeles

     A school in the Los Angeles area can hold a carnival as an end of the year celebration or as a fundraiser for the school. But regardless of occasion or celebration, the carnival should be an event that appeals to students of all age levels – as well as their parents – to come to the school for an afternoon or evening to enjoy rides, amusements, games, and food for a small fee. But, if your school doesn’t have as much time to plan the event, contact an event planning company to help with your event. The Fun Company will provide comprehensive event services – not just amusements. So, instead of contacting multiple companies to arrange for rides, performers, equipment, and food individually, contact a company that will allow you to create a carnival plan for your school with all of these aspects combined into one package.

     Younger students in elementary school may be easier to plan for at a carnival. Through our company, your school carnival can have specific rides and outdoor games geared toward the youngest of elementary school students. In addition to child-size rides and inflatables, our company also has entertainers, including face painters, magicians, and character artists that will especially impress the younger students and their parents.

     Older students, however, may expect more out of amusements than a Ferris wheel and carousel ride. To entertain these students at your school carnival, we carry many games and inflatables that will keep pre-teens and teenagers amused. Some possible ideas for your carnival might be large inflatable slides and mazes for laser tag and arcade games.

     But, since the event you’re planning is a carnival, our company carries many typical carnival attractions, like a dunk tank and carnival prize-winning games. For all of these features, we offer the equipment, such as party tents and game booths, that you’ll need to turn your school gym, playground, or sports field into a carnival. However, last, but not least, is the food. In addition to all of the entertainment options and equipment for your guests, we cater food for many of these events and, in the case of a carnival, our caterers would provide your school with barbecue and typical carnival foods like cotton candy.


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