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Halloween Parties – Los Angeles

     With students dressing up in costumes, Halloween is a special day at school that often warrants a party and other student festivities including games, live entertainment, and a costume contest. Have The Fun Company cater to your Los Angeles school Halloween party by providing activities, games, and food for kids and adults. An unusual day calls for an unusual celebration with prizes and entertainment.

     Bobbing for apples is always considered to be the archetypical school Halloween party game; students stand in line and “bob” for apples in a tub of water and the prize is the apple the student can grab with his or her teeth. Instead of an age-old game, try something new for your school’s Halloween party. The Fun Company has an array of carnival games that your students will enjoy playing for prizes. In addition, our roster of entertainment performers includes announcers and MCs who would be able to be the judge of and supervise a costume contest.

     Additional entertainment for your school party can come from our staff of entertainers, which includes magicians, costumed characters, face painters, and character drawing artists. Students will enjoy having one of our artists draw them in costume or watching a magician perform his tricks. After all, the holiday has some magic and superstitious elements to it, whether that is believing flying witches on broomsticks or ghosts for one day out of the year.

     For adults, entertainment for a school Halloween party could be live music from one of our rock or jazz bands playing ghoulish variations on traditional songs. However, for adults after the school Halloween party is over, our services would also fit any adult Halloween party you plan to have, from live entertainment and costume contests to catered Halloween-themed food. Going out in costume to Hollywood Boulevard for a block party seems to become mundane after a few years – especially if you’re a long-time resident of Los Angeles – and creating your own Halloween party with an event planning company for your friends would make dressing up and celebrating Halloween as adults unique and fun again.


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