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From Catering to Party Rentals our services are available in Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County of California.
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Star Wars Pod Racer DELUXE

76" H x 87 1/2" D x 35 1/4" W (4 amps)
Strap yourself in and hit your hyper-thrust.  This is a fantastic furturistic racing game, based on the blockbuster movie Star Wars.  You are Anikin Skywalker and you are going to race against some of the best pod racers in the galaxy.  There's no steering wheel, you control you pod racer with a set of levers that enable you to turn right & left as you speed across the landscape to claim victory.
This game can link up to 2 players.

Wave Runner

87 1/2" H x 100 1/2" D x 46 1/2" W (40 amps - two 20 amp circuit required)
Choose from 2 different courses of difficulty and race against the clock and your opponent to a set amount of laps before time runs out.  As you hit the jumps and cut the wakes you'll feel your wave runner move up and down according to the water and the jumps adding to the overall gameplay. 1 player (2 when linked)

Area 51

77 1/2" H x 41" D x 29 1/2" W (4 amps)
You are a special forces unit called in to take out invading aliens who are hostile.  Take them out and save the planet from destruction.  1 to 2 players

Gun Fighters

77 1/2" H x 41" D x 29 1/2" W (4 amps)
This game is a western themed game where the player attempts to shoot the bad guys and progress through a series of levels.  Break out the six shooters and reload as fast as you can, because there's a new sheriff town. 1 to 2 players

House Of The Dead 2

75 1/2" H x 39" D x 31 1/2" W (5 amps - 663lbs)
Players attempt to shoot zombies and other creatures in this sci-fi horror story.  1 to 2 players

Maximum Force

73" H x 34" D x 29 1/2" W (4 amps)
You are an elite special-ops unit sent in to take out the terrorists.  Use multiple weapons a secure each location without getting shot  1 to 2 players

Shoot Away

Unit-46" H x 42" D x 38" W Screen-91 1/2" H x 39" D x 69 1/2" W
Want to go back to old school style.  This was one of the first skeet shooting games made.  No violence, just skeet shooting.  1 to 2 players attempt to hit a moving target and progress in the points standing.  Each player has two shots to hit two targets on each turn and as you progress, the levels become more difficult.  Remember it takes sight alignment, breathing, stance, and trigger control to be the best. 1 to 2 players

Turkey Hunting USA

73 1/2" H x 32 1/2" D x 31" W (4 amps)
Choose from 5 different states to go hunting in.  Choose from 6 different firearms.  Complete them all and become the grand slam master.  1 player


31 1/2" H x 108" D x 24" W (220 lbs)
Looking for something fun?  Try our shuffleboard tables.  This game requires skill and finesse.  High quality wood construction with red felt, and a playing surface that's like glass.  2 players

Top Skater

Base-52" H x 59" D x 37" W (8 amps) Cabinet-75 1/2" H x 41" D x 45" W (with header 88 1/2" H)
Player attempts to skate his or her way through a skate course while pulling off multiple tricks and avoiding hazards.  1 player

Super Kixx Soccer

51 1/2" H x 29" D x 48" W (with handles 55" W) (1.5 amps)
You can hear the crowd screaming as you score the game winning goal and claim you bragging rights.
This game is so much fun, you'll be yelling and screaming and you won't even know it.  2 players attempt to score the highest amount of points before the clock runs out.  Yep it's soccer.

World Cup Soccer (pinball)

76 1/2" H x 52" D x 28" W (8 amps)
Goal!  That's right.  This game is a soccer themed based pinball.  This is a fast action, fast scoring pinball.  Test your skills and take home the world cup.

Rapid River

91" H x 94 1/2" D x 45" W (12 amps)
1 to 2 players attempt to ride their way down the rapids and try to beat the clock to gain time.  This game moves up & down and tilts from side to side as you ride through the rapids and navigate your way through various obstacles.

Alpine Racer 2

Base-49 1/2" H x 57" D x 50 1/2" W (8 amps) Cabinet-79 1/2" H x 34" D x 50" W
Players attempt to ski down the face of a mountain and beat the competition and make it past various check points to and time onto the clock.  Choose from three different skiers, 2 courses (slolem & downhill speed course)  This game can be linked to a secondary unit for ultra competitive gameplay
1 player, 2 players (when linked)

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