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81" H x 64" D x 43 1/2" W (3 amps)
Here's an awesome game.  This cabinet features 25 games.  That's right!  Choose from 25 different titles and play, and play, and play (1941: Counter Attack, 1942, Black Tiger, Champion Wrestler, Commando, Exed Eyes, Ghosts n' Goblins, Ghosts n' Ghouls, Gun Smoke, HiGeMaru, Legendary Wings, Mat Mania, Mega Man: Power Battle, Qix, Section Z, Street Fighter II: Champion Edition, Street Fighter II Turbo - Hyper, Slammasters, Son Son, Street Fighter, Street Fighter II, Strider, Trojan, Varth: Operation Thunderstorm, Vulgus) . 1 to 2 players

Dance Dance Revolution

Cabinet-89 1/2" H x 29" D x 47 3/4" W  (4 amps - 575 lbs) Floor-6 1/2" H x 42 3/4" D x 70" W 440 lbs
You want a game that's sweeping the nation and has the kids going crazy? This game will give you a workout just watching it.  Players dance on a pressure sensitive dance floor and time their steps to the music as the arrow indicators on the screen go by.  Timing and rhythm is key.  There are various levels of intensity as well as a wide range of mixed music especially designed for this game.  As the player(s) advance through each level the intensity becomes harder. 1 to 2 players.


Dart Board (soft tip)

86 1/4" H x 24" D x 24" W (2 amps)
Electronic darts is the way to go.  1 to 4 players can play at the same time and choose from various games

Bass Fishing

Dock-7" H x 76" D x 55" W (3 amps) TV-50 1/2" H x 22 1/2" D x 43" W
This game comes just as you see it.  A fishing chair and your own dock!  Sit back relax and choose from three different locations to fish from and try to catch the big one. 1 player

Sky Target

68 1/2" H x 62" D x 37 1/2" W (5 amps)
Players choose from multiple fighter jets and attempt to go through each mission and fulfill the objectives.  Use your machine guns and rockets to take out enemy aircraft as well as installations on the ground 1 player

NFL Blitz (Sports Station)

74 1/2" H x 43" D x 37" W (4 amps)
Choose from your favorite NFL teams and go head to head.  This game also come with NBA on NBC
1 to 4 players

Quarterback Pass Attack

84" H x 45" D x 39" W (1 amp)
Players attempt to throw a football through three different sized holes to advance in yardage by passing, punting or field goal kick to score a touchdown.  1 to 2 players

Foosball Table

34 3/4" H x 55" D x 29" W
Good ole' foosball.  You can't go wrong with this game.  Everyone from adults to kids enjoy this classic game.  2 to 4 players

Electronic Putting Challenge

118" L x 32" W (1 amp)
Everyone should have one of these in their office.  Players can play an 18 hole course (the front 9 and the back 9)  The playing field changes for every hole adding to the challenge.  Once the ball comes to rest or the player makes it into the cup, the ball is automatically returned.  1 to 4 players

Golden Tee

74 3/4" H x 42 1/2" D x 31 1/4" W (5 amps)
Choose from 3 different courses to play.  1 to 4 players

MoCap Golf

76" H x 65 1/2" D x 70 1/4" W (5 amps)  (cabinet - 44 3/4" W)
This is the best golfing game on the planet!  This game incorporates motion sensor technology which detects the players swing and translates it onscreen.  It measures power, accuracy, & direction.  It even detects whether the player hooks or slices their shot.  1 to 4 players

Air Hockey Table

31" H x 100" D x 52" W (3 amps - 429 lbs)
Here's a game that is always a hit. 2 players

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